Newsletter – Spring 2013

4 April 2013

Spring had sprung, but winter wasn’t done and we all had a chilly start back after the Easter break.

Since Christmas the Beavers have completed the Healthy Eating Badge by making two different types of sandwiches and a fruit salad and painting a healthy meal on a plate. They also painted fruit & vegetable pictures using vegetables and talked about and listed lots of unhealthy foods. They also painted and decorated Easter Chicks out of polystyrene eggs.
The Cubs came in 2nd place in the District draughts competition, visited the Fire Station and had a fun swimming evening. They plan to take on the Fitness Challenge over the next few weeks and hope to attend the District Cub Camp in June.

The Scouts took part in the District Night Hike and one team came in 2nd place. They have been cooking and making kites. Plans are in hand for their annual camp to be held at Hewish Woods near Taunton.
Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders attended the Brunel District Promise Renewal event at Fishponds Baptist Church on 23rd April. Scouting members always renew their promise on or near St George’s Day as St George is our Patron Saint. Our Beavers made Beaver size trees and carried them as part of the Beavers contribution to the event. Scout Thomas Smyth had the honour of carrying the District St George’s flag.

It is now time to remove the 60th Anniversary badges from uniforms and put them on camp blankets. No doubt we shall have a competition to design a badge for our 70th in 2022!

Volunteers needed
Enclosed with this Newsletter is a request for more help in running the Scout Group as a Leader or Helper with one of the sections, being a member of the Executive Committee or helping in other ways such as maintenance. Please give this serious consideration and return the questionnaire to your child’s Leader. Ask yourself – what good reason do I have to say NO?
Two jobs that need to be filled quite quickly are that of Secretary to the Executive Committee and “Web Master”. The Secretary’s job is mainly keeping the minutes of the meetings, held about 6 times a year and the Web Master would be responsible for keeping the Group Web Site up to date. Our AGM will be held on Thursday 20th June, please come along and support us and volunteer to do something.

As part of our campaign to get more people involved we will be having a stall at the Bradley Stoke Festival on Saturday 8th June, a Group BBQ at Woodhouse Park in July and an “exciting event” in September – watch out for more details in the summer!

Explorer Scouts
Scouting at Little Stoke finishes when a Scout becomes 14 years of age. He or she can then move on to Explorer Scouts that are District based and offers an exciting and adventurous programme for the 14 to 18 age group. There are two Explorer Scout Units in our area; the Solar Unit meets at the Old School Rooms at Stoke Gifford on Monday evenings and the Trident Unit meets at the Brook Way Activity Centre, Bradley Stoke on Fridays. It is important that Scouts apply to join one of the Units in good time if they want to start at 14. To this end, when a Scout is about 131/2, he or she will be sent the information on how to apply for a place in either of the local Units. It is then up to the individual to get on and apply in good time – don’t miss out!

Car Parking
Can we please ask you all to not park in Rossall Avenue when bringing and collecting your child from the Headquarters? Some inconsiderate folk have been blocking drive ways and parking on grass verges causing complaints from residents and the Parish Council. Please use the main playing field car park and walk the short distance to the Headquarters.