Can’t stop me zooming

25 October 2020

Can’t stop me zooming at 1st Little Stoke.

The start of a new term saw all the sections continuing with an online program.  These sessions have been a brilliant way for all the members involved in Scouting to get together, share their experiences and love of Scouting.

The Beaver section have continued to work hard on achieving a wide variety of badges and thoroughly enjoyed their online zoom session with the local astronomer, the 45 minute session whizzed by and after an hour the Beavers were still really enjoying themselves and learning all about the world around them.

As they move towards Christmas they are looking forward to an online bingo session and a zoom Christmas party.

The Cub section have been extremely busy this term, new leaders Elaine and Aimee have planned a busy program, aiming to award over 10 different badges.   The Cubs started the term working towards the Local Knowledge badge and the International badge.  The Cubs really enjoyed making their own compasses, learning to map read and learning about different countries around the world.  Each cub then selected their own country and found out a few facts about the country presenting it to the other cubs.  The cubs then each painted a rock with a countries flag on.  These rocks will be displayed in the Little Stoke Scout Hut for everyone to enjoy.

The Cubs have also been focusing on different celebrations, they learnt all about Harvest and made scarecrows, they recently learnt about Halloween and the Day of the Dead, during the session they made paper skulls and milk carton ghosts.

The Scout section launched this term with the extremely exciting and popular ‘Escape room’.  The Scouts demonstrated their skills of collaboration and problem solving to escape from the Scout hut as quickly as possible.  Both teams made it out successfully, with one team escaping with seconds to spare.  Leader Simon then organised a nail biting ‘Who dares wins’ style quiz.  During which each Scout was challenged to write down as many items matching the question as possible in 60 seconds. This session was extremely high paced and exciting with the Scouts fighting it out to list more things then each other.  The Scouts demonstrated a wide range of knowledge, with one Scout able to name 8 local train stations in Bristol and another recalling 10 Rivers of the world.

As we look towards Christmas all the sections are trying to organise the best way to celebrate as a group, while being apart.

Article in Stoke Gifford Journal/Little stoke Gifford Matters