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Bring a Badge Night

The Cubs run several of these nights a year. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain badges that we don’t normally do at Cubs. You may already be doing but not know it!

Simply choose a badge from the list below and bring to the hut items that act as evidence towards the chosen badge eg:

  • Photos
  • Uniforms
  • Kit
  • Certificates
  • Medals

Cubs will share with other cubs and leaders their items in order to gain the badge.

This is always a fun night finding out more about your fellow cubs.

What badge will YOU choose?

  • Book Reader Activity Badge
  • Collector Activity Badge
  • Hobbies Activity Badge
  • Martial Arts Activity Badge
  • Physical Recreation Activity Badge
  • Skater Activity Badge

You are more than welcome to try and gain more than one badge. Look at the for other badges.