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Adult volunteers

Ready to join the adventure?

Scouting isn’t just for young people. Whatever your age we have a role for you in the Little Stoke Scout family.

We don’t think it’s fair to restrict the dynamic Beaver, Cubs or Scout programs to young people. Adults get just as much fun and fulfilment delivering adventure to our young people.

Whatever your age, background, skills and interests and however much or little time you can offer, we have a role for you and would be delighted to welcome you to the team .
Whether you want to work face to face with young people, mow the lawn, audit our books, or help with of a host of other jobs, we’d love to hear from you.

You will find a lot of fun and fulfilment getting involved with 1st Little Stoke Scouts

Join in the fun! Miss it and you’ll miss out.

Find out about the benefits for Adults in Scouting
Positions available at 1st Little Stoke
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